Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Do u Want To Look Younger

Secrets To Make You Look Younger

Do you want to look young and stay beautiful even when you are in your mid 30 or 40 and up? Even if you are jump up with all the workloads and other task or perhaps you stressed, don't fret. Maintaining beauty and health is easy with these simple secrets:

Secret 1 : For your hair styles, keep your hair short or mid-length avoid having too long hair since you would make you look like an old witch. Try little bangs or even a side swept bangs, keeping your face visible and uncovered. You could also highlight your hair, or simply color them with black or dark brown, to cover up revealing white hairs.

Secret 2 : For your face, use anti-aging products daily to reduce aging lines. Do not overdo your make up, keep it light, as more of pastel and light tone. Use brown shade lipsticks to make you look like 15 years ago. Never over pluck your eyebrows if you don?t want to look like Cinderella?s wicked stepmother.

Secret 3 : Taking care of your teeth is the most important thing, to avoid permanent tooth loose. Keep it white and shinny by using teeth whitening products sold in the market. Regular dental check up is also essential, to take off tartar and cavities from coffee, tea, wine and other foods.

Secret 4 Exercise daily, concentrating on your cardio and eating in healthy ways. Maintain your proper body figure by keeping your ideal weight. Be in proper body posture, standing and sitting straight as well will keep you sexy and young looking.

Secret 5 : Even if you?re in a strenuous activity daily, always remember to get a real good sleep, atleast 8 hours at night. Your eyes will be the first evidence whether you?re getting enough rest or not, so take good care and look young getting rid of those bugging eye bugs.

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